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My display worked perfectly for a few months.  It started when the audio stopped working.  The option to use the display audio disappeared from the settings.  I made due.  Then the monitor started not waking up when I would hit keys on my wireless keyboard.  I had to open my macbook pro first, wake it, then the monitor would turn on...then I could shut my macbook.  Now the USB ports are not working.  This is very frustrating as I have searched the forums..tried everything there and have had zero success.  Should I just return this to the store?  Please advise.  I am tired of dealing with this as the features that are not working are the REASON that I shelled out a grand for this monitor. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
Solved by X423424X on Apr 2, 2012 12:49 PM Solved
Try a smc and a pram reset.
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    Try a smc and a pram reset.

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    Thank you!  I had tried the smc previously and that did not work but the pram reset did the trick.  Muchas gracias.

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    OK.  That worked.  But why do I have to do this EVERYTIME?  If I resent the smc and pram everything works fine....until the next time that I sleep my Macbook.  I want to find out if this is just something that I have to live with or if there is something that could be wrong with my Thunderbolt Monitor.  If I throw down a grand on something I fully expect it to work flawlessly. 


    Can someone please help me?  Should I take this back to the store?  Is there a more permanent fix? 


    Please help....

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    ...If I resent the smc and pram everything works fine....until the next time that I sleep my Macbook.


    "Resent"?  Freudian slip?


    ....If I throw down a grand on something I fully expect it to work flawlessly...


    I agree with you on that.


    ...Should I take this back to the store?...


    At this point that's what I would do. 


    I'm sorry my suggestion wasn't a permanent fix for you.  The fact that it worked at all may imply something is inherently defective with the display (or it's missing some critical firmware update).  As mentioned above I too wouldn't accept this kind of behavior from a $1000 device.  If still under warrantee then let apple deal with it.

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    I might be taking mine back. Nothing but problems with the sound, USB and other ports and other issues too.


    The sound played me up quite a lot previously, I've reinstalled the entire system on the MacBook Pro and the sound is hlding out for now but it won't be long before it plays up again like it did before after a short while of use (seems ok initially, but then the problems start at some point later).


    The USB ports are the biggest headeache with the firewire 800 port possibly having an issue too, but the USB ports are dreadfull in use. Nearly all USB devices function intermittently when using the USB ports and there is real problems here; but I think I may be at the end of my tether know, therefore maybe taking the unit back to Apple which is a shame as the design and screen of the TB Dispaly is exceptional.

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    I had purchased mine from Best Buy.  I just took it back to be repaired.  They replaced the board.  Had it for several days now....guess what....broken again.  Ugh.  The USB ports are not working anymore.  Guess i'll be taking it back too....is this what the future holds for Apple?

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    Could the issue actually be OSX Lion?  I seem to see a lot of complaints about that OS.  I wonder if moving back to Snow Leopard would do the trick....is that possible without a full reinstall of the OS?

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    As much as I loved the display itself and design of the Thunderbolt (problems asside), I did take mine back to Apple. It was not just the one issue but several which all added up. Having said that I wouldn't give up on it as I'm now missing it compared to my 17" screen on the MacBook Pro which suddenly appears to be puny in size.


    Towards the latter part of owning the TB Display, I had a temporary work around which was to utilise the three USB ports on the MacBook which I experienced as being problem free; therefore I plugged a USB Hub into one of the MacBook Pro's USB ports effectively giving me several to use for lesser equipment, then the remaining two USB's on the MacBook Pro I used for more critical higher bandwidth devices like the Bose Companion 5. Then less critical devices OR devices that don't seem to have any problems with the TB Display - I then plugged into the back of the Thundebolt Display. I know you shouldn't have to do this but for the time it seems to help.


    Also with regard to another problem I had with sound, see my other post (link below - 5th post down) where I was able to avoid another problem for the time up until I took it back, but this might not have been a permanent solution and I am no longer able to tell for sure.



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    I think it is Lion.  Here is why.  If I unplug my macbook from the monitor....the USB ports work fine.  I have two gopro cameras plugged into them so I know that when the ports are working they will be charging the battery.  The light is on both cameras until I plug the firewire into my macbook.  That is very strange.  I don't know what to do.  I am torn because I don't want to go back to using a small screen.  I sure wish that someone from Apple would comment as this seems to be a very common problem. 


    If this is their flagship monitor you would think that they would want to get it right.  Seems that we just need a firmware update or something.



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    Same observation: if my MacBook Pro is turned off, my iPad plugged to the Thunderbolt Display is charging and stops charging as soon as my MacBook Pro is turned on!

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    ****.  Just got the update to 10.7.4...was excited to see if Apple had fixed this issue....nope.



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    So frustrating to have a monitor that costs $1000 not work.  I wonder if Apple "cares"?