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After having completed the upload process, some of the songs that I listen to on my ios5 devices aren't complete, half way through the song it starts playing the next song, but according to the devices it's still playing the 1st song. This happens to both the iPad 1 & 3, and my iPhone.  The original songs are complete on my computer, and there wasn't any issues with the upload. I've even waited for the full albumn to download before begining to play a song, and I still get the same issue.  How can I fix this?

  • Scott Hedrick Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem.  Found another post on this and no luck there either - wanted to put in a service call to apply but looks like they are trying to charge you for a "pay per incident" on apple express care.  what BS!  fix the product!  I tried to remove the songs and then plug my phone in directly to the computer and drag the song in to see if that woudl work but then it said the songs were only available on the "cloud"


    I have found at least 15 songs like this so far on my iphone and ipad, I have an Ipod touch that I have not yet sync'd and will not until I know more on this


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    I had to pull iTunes match off my iPhone for this very reason.  Sync'ing them from iTunes without match works just fine, so I just use iTunes match on the MacBook, then sync over wi-fi.  not the best way to do it, but Apple doesn't seem to care about fixing this problem.

  • Scott Andress1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I've had this problem with my iPhone 4 from the beginning, too. I keep expecting a fix to be issued from Apple - still waiting. Very dissapointing.

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    I just subscribed to Match a few days ago and synced it with my late 2008 Macbook Pro.


    I have the same Match download problem with my current itunes and latest retina Macbook Pro. The songs look like they have downloaded 100% but when I play the song, only half of the song gets played and then it skips to the next track.


    It's really frustrating as the only work around I've found is to "stream" the song til it is 100%, then click the download button in itunes for that specific song (which downloads it instantly). With around 9000 songs, this is going to take awhile.


    Apple Tech: Any suggestions on how we can resolve this?

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    I'm also having this issue.  First I had a problem where newly bought songs cut off half way through. 


    I thought maybe it was a space problem on my mac so I deleted all songs but left them in the cloud with ITM. 


    Then I downloaded the ones I wanted but I cant make this work reliably.  Some songs download in full some don't and it's impossible to tell unless you play each song which is totally impractical. 


    It gets worse when I try to burn a CD or sync with my nano  - the songs cut off half way.  My whole library is screwed.  I cant rely on any songs being complete - its driving me crazy.

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    Exactly same issue here. Any solutions?

    iTunes Match is inusable in this condition...

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    I am having the same problem.  It was working in the beginning.  So much that I sold my 32 GB IPOD Classic with the belief that I would no longer need it since I have ITunes match.  Now I am finding that many of the songs I am playing through ITunes Match won't play completely....and then it goes straight into another song.  Its a TERRIBLE dissappointment.  Does anyone have any possible resolutions to this problem..  PLEASE???? Thx?.. :)

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    I've the same issue. I've tried to delete the song from my Iphone then re download them from the cloud and got the same problem again. It seem that the uploaded song is incomplete and I did not remember any issue during the upload.

    How could we detect all the incomplete songs, then delete them from the cloud and re upload them?

    Looks like Apple softwares quality is going down since the last year...

    Feels really disapointed

  • ronaldfromnashville Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It definitely is disappointing .  I am suprised.  This is a temporary solution I found:


    1). I redownload some of my misplayed songs back to my computer from the cloud and they seemed to play fine on my computer.  I burned them to a CD and reimported back  them into ITunes.  They seem to work fine after that...


    2). If I still had the original CD, I deleted the track from my computer and the ITUNES cloud.  I then took the original CDS and reimported them into ITUNES again.  This also fixed the problem.  It was time-consuming, but it still work correctly. 



    Update:  Since yesterday, I was excited that my tracks were now playing correctly in my devices.  I guess that I got excited too soon becuase today I noticed that now NONE of my 10000 tracks will play on my devices through the cloud.  I am shocked and highly upset with APPLE. 


    I am starting to sync all my songs to's music cloud.  I plan to use it as a backup becuase I am learning now that I can't completey depend on the ITUNES Match unless I want to spend hours looking for a solution for their many system errors that seem to pop up these days.  Hopefully you will be able to get a solution to your problem too.  I know this can definitely be a pain... 

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    I've continued my investigations: I've noticed that the incomplete songs I've found (during random playing) are tagged as "matched". So I've tried to remove those song from my Ipad (IOS6) and my Iphone (IOS5) then re download them: these are still quiet after the 1st half.... So I've bought one of these songs in the Itunes Store and this one is full.

    So I don't understand: the Itunes database seems not be corrupted because I can download the full one I've bought.

    I see only three possibility:

         - The itunes match database is not the same than the itunes store (creepy..)

         - Even when I delete then re download a song on my iDevice, it just get it back from the trash or somewhere and don't really re download it (I don't want to make a full restore to be sure the song was really deleted..)

         - These songs was maybe not "matched" at the beginning, so Itunes has upload them to the cloud and stop at half. Since that, Itunes has "matched" these songs but I still download the uploaded version (So why Apple would keep all the songs uploaded even after they were matched...)

    If someone has an other explaination, please tell me....

    And if someone in Apple could just tell us they'll try to help us or make an update, maybe I'll feel less than an idiot to have spent so much money in apple products....

  • Tobybarbay Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    One more thing.... One new possible track for Apple team if they'll join us...

    Seems that all the incomplete songs was in mp3.... The bought one's are in mp4/AAC...

  • robfrombrookline Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah -- I've had the same problem. I don't get upset that something like this happens, but it annoys me that there doesn't seem to be any way to get Apple to acknowledge and fix this problem. Would anything happen if we showed this problem to a Genius at an Apple Store?

  • Tobybarbay Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm living far from any Apple Store, If someone else can try....

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    Same here !

    I think I've tried all I could now.

    I deleted 100% of files from Itunes Match then remounted them.

    Factory reset the Iphone 4S

    delete all music files from phone

    delete cache files


    No nada niente result and we talk about purchased music.

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