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Hello cruel cruel World .


I have tried with 4 different versions of Linux or UNIX for PowerPC .


Before that , I tried to dual-boot with a de-facto Mac OS 10.5.(?) Leopard for PowerPC .  I picked a BSD UNIX OS .


Initially it worked then it froze and the hard drive crashed (FAT broke.)   Perhaps a rouge versioning .



Then I used a LIVE CD of UNIX PowerPC which on the Home Site said it has a GUI with the text prompt command window .  It was false there was only a text mode prompt .  During installation without a-priori mandate asked for my PASSWORD to MY ROUTER !



After that I have tried using LIVE CD and it does not install .  And the command prompt at the BIOS screen did alll types of weird things due to what I suspicious of as NVROM virus .


I definitely wants the original Leopard OS not an imitator(?)


Bye cruel world .

iBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), computer wiz boy