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I got a mac mini server, i7quad core, all my audio files on the 2nd hard drive.  Mainstage 2.1.3.  In the enegy saver preference pane, I put hard drive and screen to never sleep, also uncheck the hard disk activity so it stays on all the time.


I use a Fireface UC soundcard, run at 48k, latency at 128 samples.  I use Kontakt 5 and Omnisphere as my main Audio Units.


If I don't touch Mainstage for 10-15 minutes, the audio glitches, and the only way to fix this is to restart mainstage.  Else it plays fine even when I change patch.


I see that it seems to be a common issue here, is there any way to tweak this?


Any info would be appreciated. 


Also, how do I download the 2.2 update?  I can't seem to find it on the apple website.



MainStage, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    You have to pay for 2.2, on the App Store. Lots of gripes about that, but at least its only $30.


    That MAY fix your problem. Sometimes these sorts of problems are specific to an audio I/O and its drivers. In my case, I had been having similar problems with a MOTU Ultralite, but they seemed to have vanished with the most recent version of MainStage and Lion.


    You could try running your soundcard at 44.1 and see if anything changes.

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    Downloaded 2.2, I'll see if that works.  I also updated my soundcard driver.  I'll post if the glitches happens again.



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    After 1 month of use, I can say that Mainstage 2.2 doesn't work that well.  Still, after a long standby, the audio is glitching.  My workaround to this is to use a 256 samples buffer, with the security buffer enabled.  It feels a little late when I play, not very pleasant...


    Should I update to 10.7.4?  I fear problems, as I saw on other posts with the Lion update.



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    This sounds very similar to an issue I had ages ago when I first started using Mainstage.  I posted about my problem on this board and someone suggested that I try a high-quality firewire cable to use with my MOTU Ultralite MK3 (firewire only).  I had serious doubts that a better cable could possibly be the answer to my situation but - for reasons I can't begin to fathom - it seems to have worked as I haven't experienced the same problem since using a significantly higher-quality (and much more expensive) cable.


    I see that the Fireface UC uses USB connectivity so try a high-quality USB cable and see if it makes any difference.....I know it sounds crazy but a good cable fixed the problem for  me.  I use a bunch of different softsynths to play live and am running at 64 samples with safety buffer on MS 2.1.3.

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    it is the original cable that came with the RME Fireface.  I updated the driver, don't know why it was that  outdated (v1.62 instead of 1.69) I only installed it a few months ago.


    now 2 days in a row without glitches, hopefully it fixed the problem.

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    One new element I found.  I did a change in Mainstage, started glitching a while after.  I hit Save, then the glitches were gone.  I thought I had to restart MS to get rid of the problem.


    I bought an SSD drive, hope it will fix the problem.