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I purchased a new iMac a couple of months ago with the new OSX installed. My macbook has Snow Leopard still and works fine..

For some reason my iCal is auto-setting reminders at the most random and ridiculous reminder times. Sometimes its 1390 minutes, other times it may be 1600 minutes or 975 minutes. Its the most insane thing ever and I can't figure out A. Why its happening or B. What's causing the random numbers, as of right now they seem to be just that- random.


I'm so incredibly annoyed b/c I have to set a time and then manually go in and change each and every one. And as far as I can see via my multiple searches, I can't find anyone that has the same problem.


I've tried:

- deleting my calendar and re-adding (I sync with Google Apps).

- Setting a default alert for 15 mins prior in settings


To no avail none of these work. Its such a pain in my *** that I'm contemplating downgrading to Snow Leopard. Any suggestions before I take that extreme measure?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)