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i've just downloaded pages for ipad and i'd like to tranfers word documents to my ipad. how can this be done?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    One way might be to mail it to yourself and open it on your iPad.


    Another may be to use iTunes.  Select the iPad under DEVICES on the left side of the iTunes window.  Choose Apps at the top of the window and scroll down to File Sharing.  Select your App (Pages) and Add the document to the Pages Documents window.


    You can use this same method to transfer Pages documents back to the computer, choosing Save To instead of Add.



  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    What Fred has briefly explained above about file sharing - can be read in greater detail here. You need to connect your iPad to the computer when you use file sharing.



    Once the files have been dragged into the file sharing window next to to Pages - in iTunes on your Mac - you need to tap on the + sign in Pages on the iPad and then choose  - Copy from iTunes - and a window with all of the documents that you dragged into the file sharing window will pop up on the screen. You can swipe down in the list and select the document that you want to import.

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    How to transfer files to iPad from Mac via iTunes


    1) Make sure you have install iTunes. If not, you can free download the latest iTunes at first. And launch the iTunes.


    2) Connect iPad Mini to Mac via USB.


    3) Choose “File - > Add File to Library…”.


    4) Drag the converted .mp4 file you want to the iPad Mini icon.

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    Dropbox is another option. Install Dropbox on both devices. Put documents in DB on Mac and open them in DB on iPad. Your iPad will ask you which program you want to open the document with...viola!

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    If you want to transfer your documents stored in your Mac and want to transfer it to your iPad, then here are 2 ways you can do it. Just follow the steps given below to how to transfer files from Mac to iPad.

    This will likely be easier for you.

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    Dropbox has gotten a lot of recommendations here, but it is just so complex and ugly with millions of options and buttons.


    I prefer Readdle Documents: http://www.pdf-file-converter.com/how-to-transfer-pdf-to-ipad/


    It is simple, beautiful and works great. It allows you to sync a folder over dropbox. This way you just put a file into a folder on your computer and it gets uploaded to dropbox. Then you start Documents on your iPad and sync the folder, which downloads the file for reading and annotating to your iPad.


    Oh, and its free!