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I've been very disappointed with my iPhone 4S battery life to say the least. Sometimes I need to even charge it twice a day, which is a real bummer. I tried every solution to help improve it, disabling location services, siri's raise to speak feature, mail push notifications, etc. So then I decided to disable WiFi even in my home and I am now getting *much* better battery life. Like a difference of 2-3 hours difference. Which is much better to then the 5 hour battery life I was getting over WiFi. Has anyone noticed similar results? I found this quite odd considering I always thought you would get better usage times over WiFi like apple advertised.


iPhone 4s/iOS 5.1/Verizon



ETA - I'm still not completly satisified with my battery life, but 7 hours is what apple advertises over 3G so I'm not complaining.