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I have a new ipad, 3rd gen, but when i listen to my music, the quality is very low. It's not clear at all. I've tried using the music equalizers and it sounds better with treble boost, electronic, and rock, but if i use the equalizers, some of the bass and some parts of the music is unheard. The quality of the mp3 tracks are lame insane quality, which i understand to be of very high quality? I have an ipod touch gen2 and the sound is much much better on that. I heard the bass, music and voice very clearly.


Also, when i play my tracks and turn shuffle off, it still skips around and plays my tracks as if it were on shuffle. I have to turn shuffle on and off a couple times and fast forward a few times to make sure it doesnt shuffle around in my playlist. I have the same songs multiple times in my huge playlist, so could that be a problem? Is it using the same track at a different place in my playlist and then continuing from there?


It also kind of lags a bit and skips a beat even when I'm only listening to music and not surfing the web or playing a game. I have skullcandy ink'd earphones and it has a mic but when i try to use the pause function on the mic, the song just pauses or skips a little and then continues playing. I can't skip tracks either using my mic. It doesnt happen on my ipod though.


Can anyone offer me some suggestions or solutions? Thanks.

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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