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I have a mini server that I updated to Lion Server and it seems like if someone is logged in, and then it goes into screen saver mode, then I can't log back into the machine.  It's pretty much hung.


I'm really thinking about reverting back to Snow Leopard Server. 

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I have exactly the same issue! Do you have the system on a RAID or just on one single internal disk?


    We have a Lion Server on a Mac Mini, with the system on a Promise RAID.

    It worked fine for 3 months. Then suddenly it started to when I restarted the machine, everything seemed fine. For 2 minutes, then whatever application you start hangs up and ballooning forever. SSH works fine, but we really need to get into the GUI.


    Strangely enough, all services the Lion Server is providing works fine and our users don't notice anything.

    Tried repair permissions, start in safe mode and Disk Warrior. Nothing. Also checked the log for something weid, but nothing.



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    It's not a RAID. It's just a single disk. I ended up just reinstalling snow leopard server.


    I have a non-server Lion that doesn't work well.

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    Sorry to hear that. Your SL-server runs fine now?

    It seems to be a general Lion problem, even with 10.7.4. I really hope that Apple fix this in 10.7.5 or ML.


    We also got graphic bugs and stuff when we remote Lion servers with VNC... *sigh*