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Is there any way to export Keynote Slide images and presenter notes to Pages to build a Student Guide of my class slides?  I have done this in the past with PowerPoint but since making the shift to Mac last month, I didn't really want to go back (prefering to stay within the Mac tools.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    I think you can export to PDF...

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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I need to be able to do some word processing around it.  I'm frustrated because this was very simple with PowerPoint and I thought that if you wanted improved "creative" solutions you turned to Apple.  Now I'm not so sure I made the right move.  Thanks for you input though.

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    With Keynote and Pages it is a multi-step process, but is quite achievable.


    1. Create your slides and add presenter notes you wish to share

    2. Keynote > Print > Slides with Notes > PDF > Save as PDF

    3. Create a basic Pages Document

    4. Open the PDF in Preview then click on the first slide's thumbnail (the Presenter's Notes are already captured in the image) and COPY

    5. Click on your Pages Document and Edit > Paste and Match Style - you are inserting an image of your slide and notes onto Pages so be sure to give it enough room for your audience to read the text. If there is extra blank space, use Format > Mask and adjust the mask around the image

    6. Insert your commentary where ever you wish, it's a Pages Document

    7. Save and enjoy.

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    Wouldn't it be easier to simply take screenshots of all the slides on KeyNote then place the screenshots into the Pages document. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, you press "Shift", then "Command" then "4" and you can select the area you want to take the screenshot by dragging your cursor there.

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    A bit late, but I was trying to find something to extract the notes fields from a presentation as the way that Keynote formats the PDF is a little ugly.


    I've found two solutions using Apple Script


    A simple Script App to extract notes to an RTF file

    I can confirm this works (although it throws errors) on Mountain Lion with Keynote 09 - it may not with Mavericks and the new version of Keynote as I think they've changed scripting support


    Pages will open an RTF file quite happily.

    You may then be able to use the 'Export as Images' option to create pictures of the slides to add in pages.


    A more complex script to extract them to an Evernote note.

    (haven't tested this yet)