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I'm using a IBM ThinkPad W510 with Mozilla Firefox as my search engine, Thunderbird as my email program and I recently purchased an iPad 3 and own an iPod.  I am very interested in using iCloud but short of finding an IT Engineer, I am in dire need of step by step help on how to set up iCloud on these three pieces of hardware.  I'm willing to pay for the information if needed but as it looks now, after spending three nights and about 9 hours I don't think it's possible.  My email address is mail2ed@ptd.net and I am unclear as to if I have to use .me or whatever Apples email options are.  I really need help and it's stuff like this that really keep 30 year PC users from jumping the fence and going totally Apple which I may consider in the future after seeing Windows 8 in the fall. Please help me out.

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iPad, Windows 7, iCloud is the mystery & syncing it