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I'm using a IBM ThinkPad W510 with Mozilla Firefox as my search engine, Thunderbird as my email program and I recently purchased an iPad 3 and own an iPod.  I am very interested in using iCloud but short of finding an IT Engineer, I am in dire need of step by step help on how to set up iCloud on these three pieces of hardware.  I'm willing to pay for the information if needed but as it looks now, after spending three nights and about 9 hours I don't think it's possible.  My email address is mail2ed@ptd.net and I am unclear as to if I have to use .me or whatever Apples email options are.  I really need help and it's stuff like this that really keep 30 year PC users from jumping the fence and going totally Apple which I may consider in the future after seeing Windows 8 in the fall. Please help me out.

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iPad, Windows 7, iCloud is the mystery & syncing it
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    This is a reply to Kappy's kindness to try and help me out.  The version of Windows software I am using on my IBM PC is

    Windows 7 with a Intel Core i7 CPU  Q 720 @ 1.60GHz  1.60 GHz, 32 Bit Operating System.  I do not have any form of Outlook downloaded on my PC.  I strictly use Firefox and Thunderbird and because I am a user and not an IT Engineer I don't even know how to convert from Thunderbird to Outlook if I must do so to make iCloud function at all.  Kappy, I have to tell you that purchasing my second Apple product (I have an iPod which started the whole Apple thing) which is this new iPad is a real nightmare.  It took me 15 minutes on how to reply to your message.  The worst thing about the iPad is that you need a different password for Apples mail, support communities and all the other features Mac provides.  I now have had to change my Apple User Account password 7 times and I only have had the toy for a week.  Please be frank with me and tell me I'm either wasting my time for trying to switch to Macs or some simple steps to make their machines work in harmony with on simple IBM PC.  There has to be a way to make the two systems become friends for just a few features.

    Thanks for your patience!

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    I don't use Windows so there isn't much with which I can help other than the links that I provided previously. I can suggest that you get the iPad User Guide (For iOS 5.1 Software) for your iPad. Hopefully, that will help you.


    As far as I know you need the Windows versions of iTunes and the iCloud Control Panel and an Apple ID tied to your email address. But I don't know what's required for syncing mail, contacts, and calendars besides Outlook because I don't know if you can sync from other applications. You would need to ask in the Windows forum.