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rktjssi Level 1 Level 1

Everytime I open my IPad 2 there are apps on it that I have not downloaded.  I can get up to 10 a day!!  Any ideas what may be causing this?? Thanks

  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    Are you sharing your AppleID with other people and you have Automatic Downloads turned on in Settings > Store?

  • Iynque Level 4 Level 4

    Perhaps someone else is using your Apple ID and your iPad is set to automatically download newly purchased apps. Does anyone else have access to your iPad or any other device with your Apple ID, such as a PC with iTunes that you use?


    There is no way for an app to install itself without some action from you (or anyone using your device or Apple ID).


    You may want to go into your account via iTunes and see if it has a record of these apps being purchased.

  • rktjssi Level 1 Level 1

    the family shares the AppleID but no one else gets the apps, I will check the automatic downloads setting and see for sure.  I guess it really can't be anything else? Just doesn't make any sense, and it just sort of started on its own.  Could it be a corrupt previous download at all do you think?