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    Thank you for your explanation. I think I misstated myself. What I meant by saying I responded to the email is that I followed the instructions to start using the new address (compose and send an email using the iCloud address, which I then did).


    Since my above posting, I have noticed something that makes me think the problem might not be a problem after all, and that I became concerned when I need not have.


    When I check my account on Mail, I find all three addresses listed as aliases. The alias box has up and down arrows and the other two accounts show up. At the same time, the box labled email address has my iCloud address although it is grayed out. However, if I click on edit aliases (when I open the alias drop down) it takes me to iCloud, which lists all three addresses as my email addresses, and it does say I can have 3 aliases. So, although there is a discrepancy between Mail and iCloud, I suspect or at least hope that everything is o.k.


    One thing that shook me up is that when I checked my husband's account to see if it was listed in the same manner as mine, it was not. He was never on .Mac, only MobileMe. And, he had both his email addresses listed in the box for email address in Mail preferences, and nothing listed as an alias. However, he is on Lion and I am on Mountain Lion and possibly that may be part of the difference.


    In any case, I thank you for trying to help me, and I apologize for making what may well be a non-issue into an issue. And, since as you indicated they all do come to the same inbox, and since I have not had a problem sending or receiving mail, I suspect there will be no problem if I try to create an alias on iCloud. I thought Apple might still have .Mac and MobileMe servers up although the programs are themselves defunct. I now suspect I am wrong.


    Many thanks,



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    Just to add fuel here. I had an @mac and an @me address, now I have an @icloud, they all function, none are listed as aliases and my @mac is still the default.

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    No need to apologize for anything. It's just conversation.


    For your husband's account, that's pretty much how mine is. The only difference is I had an alias to the .me account before and it also picked up an iCloud alias.


    If you make any changes to your's, do it at the website where it will be easier to see what you have. iCloud doesn't have sub accounts like ATT where you can have seperate login and passwords and aliases to those accounts. iCloud is really one main account that can have 3 aliases, one login, and all in the same inbox. I really never got the fact that they would show more than one address as the main account because they all use the same login just as the aliases do. I would prefer if they would let you choose the one for the main and the rest as aliases where I could delete the ones I didn't want. I just soon see them get rid of the other domain names and just use one.

    As I said, if you can create another seperate Apple ID with a seperate login, then you can have a second actual account if you need one.


    Anyway, glad to see you are making progress.

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    I never had a .mac, but now have the iCloud added to the main. So, the main iCloud for me shows the 2 addresses which aren't aliases.

    But how do you know which is the default address. Nothing in settings shows one as the main or secondary.

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    Just thinking about it Cs


    You can go to the Apple ID website and make one or the other your main email account if that's what you are referring to.

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    On the iCloud site under Preferences>Composing the default I had set was the @mac address, it was unaffected by the addition of the @icloud address.




    Just noticed (duhh) that on the same page you can disable send for all but one of the @somethings.

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    At the Website:


    True, you can set a default sending address in the Composing tab. And you can deselect any you wish to not send from in that same tab. But you will still recieve mail from all accounts.


    In the Accounts tab, you can't disable a main account listed under the iCloud icon. But the alias accounts in the list can be disabled or deleted in the list. It will disable ordelete both the .me & .icloud addresses for that alias.



    Here is one way to test an address if you are unsure of what is being treated as an alias. You can't log into your apple account (such as the iCloud website) with an alias, but you can use any considered as a main account address like .me or .icloud.

    So, if you have 4 address listed under the icloud icon in the accounts list (.mac & .me + icloud for each), then you should be able to log into the account with any of those addresses.

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    For me this not an issue, I use one @mac address, it is the only address I use and will stay that way. I have no aliases, no login issues and no confusion regarding iCloud and its options.

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    Maybe this thread can be of any help - at least it might explain the background.

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    If I forget my password (actually, I don't think I ever had one, but iCloud wants one) and I have no idea how to get it.  If I forget my Apple ID password, they send the request directly to my email and no problem.  Problem is, I have no idea how to find an password.

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    I've done this.  I can reset for my Apple ID, that uses an email address to send the request to.




    How do I convert the iCloud to my OR how to I find out how to get the password associated with iCloud.


    This was so much easier before.

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    An @mac address is an iCloud ID (unless you never migrated it when MobileMe ended), have you tried using that address at iForgot?

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    OK, help me out here.  When I go to iForgot, type in my Apple ID with the suffix, and then have it send to my emails, nothing happens. 


    I never find the emails.  There is no way to know what the email address WAS if and when I setup my Apple ID.  That was a hundred years ago. 

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    By-the-way, my Apple ID is an email address.  TO the best of my knowledge, I've never used for anything.