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I am setting up a new iMac and uploading images and videos from other computers. My iMac will not recognise memory sticks inserted into the USB ports. Can anyone assist please?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Maybe they are formatted in a format the mac doesn't recognize?  What OS(s) were used to create those flash drives (windows, linux, ...) on those "other computers"?


    Also, have you tried other usb ports?


    Is there anything else attached to your usb ports (other than possibly a mouse and keyboard)?

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    Thank you for replying. Both new sticks were used first in windows based computers at work and I tried to download images on my home iMac. I have been able to connect iPad and iPhone through the USB ports.


    I have also found that some music CD's have not been recognised in the DVD/CD slot.


    I have a lot of learning to do.