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My Magic mouse intermittently loses connection to my iMac.On the imac screen it comes up with "connection lost" indicator. I have to wait about 2 minutes for it to reconnect. It's a new mouse and new batteries. I have a bluetooth Keyboard that works just fine. This happens intermiitentent ly about evry 30 to 45 minutes. Help!

27" Imac, 3.4ghz quad i7, Mac OS X (10.7.1), 12GB sdram, and 21" Samsung Display
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    I had this problem this morning when I swapped the batteries over as the original ones the mouse came with were nearly gone.

    The problem only arose when I changed the batteries over - not before.  So it had to be something to do with the batteries.  They were brand new, not rechargeables.  I was very careful when removing and replacing the battery cover, so I know that was not damaged.


    Suddenly I had the bright idea to measure the new batteries against the old ones.  They were significantly shorter in length, despite being the same AA size.  I happened to have some rechargeables in the same brand as the original batteries, and measured them.  They were the same.


    So my conclusion is that it depends on what brand of batteries you get/what they actually measure.


    I haven't tested this properly yet as I'm waiting for the rechargeables to charge up fully - but if I'm right, it may help you to buy batteries the same brand as the ones your mouse originally came with.



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    The issue with different battery lengths causing this problem has been discussed numerous times on the forum. Solutions varry from using aluminum to extend contact, or to wedge the side with paper to hold the batts in place.


    Ammazingly, 2000 years of advacement in engineering and the Romans still did better.

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    Ah sorry if I posted something that's already been worked out.  I did a few searches on here and on the Net, and quite a few people suggested that it was to do with the manufacture of the mouse, the nature of the contacts (loose springs) or the battery cover - and yes I did see the aluminium/paper wedge solutions, but nothing that mentioned the actual battery length.


    I'm still very surprised that there was such a difference in length between batteries of the same AA size.

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    Hello James:


    Try making the device a favorite. 


    If a battery is a different length (as some suggested here) that is a manufacruring error.  Battery length, diameter, etc. is a standard, not whatever a manufacturer suggests.



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    There is considerable variation between AA batteries.


    Even the standard itself allows for variation.

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    Yes, even as a child I noticed with AA batts, that one brand often FITS easier than another. Sometimes I'd stick to only one type of batts in a certain device, since the springs had so much tention my weak fingers could only get THAT type of batt to fit.


    Now, I can't remember that far to remember exactly what brands they were for sure.

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    What do you mean by "try making the device a favorite" ?  How is that done?



    Using iMac desktop, Lion 10.7.3

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    Never mind, I found your information on another discussion.