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Ok - one (as there are many) of the big frustrations with using an Apple iPhone and bluetooth is that you have to click through four screens to actually find teh Bluetooth button, and the second screen (after clicking in Settings) throws up 'General' just off screen. This is VERY ANNOYING when you are pressed for time and want to get you car Bluetooth connecting to iPhone (as I do not and will not leave Bluetooth permanently switched on for obvious reasons - personal health and battery drain). SO..... one solution, as enjoyed by most of the other manufacturers mobile handsets on planet Earth is to have the bluetooth function accessible/switchable on the iPhone home screen at all times. YES - that would work nicely like it does for millions of others with Android phones etc


So my question is - can I change something on my iPhone 4S to make bluetooth switch accessible on the homescreen rather than buried 4 layers down like it is is so very annoyingly now?


I am guessing the answer is 'no' but I will wait to hear if my current sense of futility about this can be overturned by hearing it is possible.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Win XP
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