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A few days ago when i was charging my ipod touch a notice came up and said Charging is not available with this accessory. I ignored it and replugged my charger back in, But it showed up a few more times! I dont' know if it's my charger cable, or the charger because it does the same thing with my ipad. It says its not charging or it pops up with that message. I really need help! I got my ipod Christmas 2011 so it's only about 5 month old! Any advice at all would help! Thanks

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1
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    There is no ipod touch 5g.  The latest is the 4th gen ipod touch.


    Have you tried a reset?  Restore?


    Have you tried cleaning out the dock connector?

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    It's the newest Ipod touch, some people say it's the 5th generation but i don't know.

    I've reset it,but it still does it. And i wont restore it because i'll loose everything because my computer is stupid and doesn't have any memory on it. I've blew into the ipod connector thing but thats it. I think it may just be the cable because sometimes when i move it around it will come up with the message. Right now it's charging fine

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    Hope all goes well from now on.


    "some people say it's the 5th generation"  Those people are wrong.  See for yourself:


    Identifying iPod models



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    those people dont no jack, (bad pun), well anyway, another way to look at it is look at your warranty/extra coverage is to look online here https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do


    on your iPod under






    Look at your Serial Number, type those letters in that link above and click Continue

    (DO not let anyone know your Serial Number other than your family)


    You will come to a page saying



    Your Service and Support Coverage

    iPod touch (4th generation)

    Serial Number: ****************

    Check another serial number



    It will tell you about what product you own from just from the serial number.