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I recently picked up an iMac G3 (light blue color) at a little store for just $10.00 - I gave Apple a call and apparently the iMac has enough RAM and all that fancy stuff for a couple of upgrades based on their calculations. The iMac is curently running Mac OS 9.2.2 and runs perfectly.


I've been trying to upgrade it, and just can't get it to work at all. The person at Apple said it needs to be upgraded to 10.0 (Cheetah) before I can keep upgrading apparently. The only problem is I can't find Cheetah anywhere, and if I find it online to download, it's either a .ISO or .DMG file. From what I see, my iMac cannot currently read .ISO or .DMG files... .DMG is only readable on the OS X series.


Can anyone help me out? I found a video of some Australian guy on YouTube who had an iMac similar to mine running OS 9.2.2 as well. He had 2 CD's that were 'home made' which upgraded him to Jaguar... not sure if that helps anyone out there.


Does anyone know how I could get this old iMac upgraded? Thanks!

iMac, Mac OS 9.2.x