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I have office 2011. I have an issue with excel sheet, whenever I make new excel sheet and save it. I cant write in this sheet next day, it becomes read-only file. then i have to make the new excel sheet. Is their anybody who can tell me, How to remove that read-oly tag from my excel sheet file.




MacBook Pro, iOS 5.0.1
Reply by hellosamuel on Jun 25, 2012 9:38 PM Helpful

Another solution we found is the you can not use '/' in the name of your file. It will allow you to save it on your mac, where as in Windows it says you can't use the character / (backslash) however once you save it and reopen it on a mac, it will be read only....

Reply by William Mcavinney on Jun 11, 2012 4:40 PM Helpful



I've had this problem and found that saving the file in Excel 97-2004 Workbook (xls) format cured it. The file I had this problem with had a date (m/d/yy) included in the file name. Removing the date also worked, but that wasn't a good solution for me.



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