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It is called "how to remove app from launchpad" but actually talks about deleting the app by means of launchpad. So how these actions are actually done? I mean, there's a lot of apps I do not need in the launchpad - like small utilities I rarely use. Yes, i know I can arrange them into folders and move these to some pages of the launchpad, but still. If they write "remove from launch pad" there must be a way to do exactly that.


Strange article in general. Even the word 'from' changes it's meaning throughout the text.

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    Not exactly, that article is on how to remove a MAS app from Launchpad. If you downloaded it from the Mac App Store it will have an "X" next to it when you follow the directions.


    This may help...

    http://www.tuaw.com/2011/07/25/lion-deleting-apps-in-launchpad-and-starting-clea n/

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    May be my english is wrong but i see difference in:

    "remove from launchpad"

    that is like "remove something from the box" - certainly the thing being removed still exists but is now out of the box, that is 'we remove it from launchpad, not the system', versus:

    "delete from launchpad"

    that is "delete while operating withing launchpad". With the box example again seems like "delete something while being in the box" that is completely delete a thing (from a computer in that case). But thanks for the link!

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    I had nothing to do with the wording in the article. The important part is that you can only use that method for apps downloaded from the MacApps Store.


    I happen to dislike the entire MAS delivery method and have no need for a Launchpad as I once had back in OS 8. But Apple doesn't listen to me!