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Using logic pro 8 with m-audio profire 2626 interface. Today I upgraded to two profires and linked everything together using optical cables. One profire being the host unit and one being the slave. Everything is setup perfectly and in sync. The problem I'm having is when choosing an input on a channel strip in logic I'm still only getting the option for inputs 1-8 on the host interface, and not 1-16. Everything seems to be in working order here the settings for the profire are all setup right and obviously both units are ON. Anyone try this? Shouldn't logic pull up all 16 inputs automatically or do I have to change some settings? Thanks in advance.

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    see above-


    You will not need to select resample because you have your unit's digitally locked to the same clock. Select the one as master that follows the physical configuration. Name the device and select it as the audio interface in Logic.


    Logic needs this type of Device... I believe it is more a limit of OSX than Logic, not sure if Cubase (or others) would recognize the native 16 inputs.