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I've been struggeling to get wifi sync to work correctly with my iphone 4.  I have the newest version of itunes on a Windows 7 PC.  When I first open itunes it sees my iphone over wifi and syncs successfully.  A couple minutes after syncing completes, itunes loses my iphone.  My iphone still shows up under devices, but if I click on any of the tabs in the device it then brings up the dialog box searching for the phone, then it tells me it cannot find it and it disappears from devices.  If I close itunes and reopen it the iphone shows up again and syncs.  Any idea what could be causing this?


So far in my quest to make this work I have opened ports 5354 and 27015 for inbound TCP.  I have also set the Bonjour and Apple Mobile Device services to Automatic Delayed Start as mentioned in other threads. 

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    It seems like it periodically reappears in itunes, but then if I try to sync or do anything its says "looking for iphone" and eventually tells me it can't be found on the network.