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Its not a thunderbolt adapter. its a mini display to vga adapter. my hp ency pc has a mini display port next to the hdmi port.

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    Not sure why it wouldn't.  Also not sure what you are trying to connect.  If the video out has a mini-displayport and you use the adapter to convert to vga I wouldn't think the vga device would care where it came from.  Of course in the case of a monitor you still need to set the resolution and refresh rate appropriately.

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    i am trying to connect my hp envy laptop to a projector. i dont have a vga port but i have a mini display port. i would like to use the apple mini display to vga adapter, but it isnt working with my hp. how do i make it work or is it formated for macs only?

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    First make sure the mini-displayport is firmly seated.  They are a bit "sneaky" in that they look like they are fully in but aren't.


    I assume that windows has something similar to the mac Displays system preferences.  So you need to check that and set if necessary the proper refresh rate and resolution for the projector.


    how do i make it work or is it formated for macs only?


    What's "it"?  The projector shouldn't care where it gets its vga signal from (when using the proper refresh rate and resolution).  The adapter is passive and just converts a digital mini-displayport signal to analog vga to pass over the cable (is the cable ok?).  That leaves your laptop.  I can't speak about it or its video card.  But I have to assume that if it supports mini-displayport it should follow the standards for mini-displayports.