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Running into a brick wall at mcafee with this question.  I have macfee total protection for my windows xp laptop.  I can not make a secure connection to the store.  I have tried things listed in articles here, shut down my firewall and realtime scanning, my neighbor could drive his 735il BMW through my firewall it is so open. Windows firewall is off. If I try to sync my iPhone via USB, it will not because it can not create a secure connection to the store. I am not getting any errors.  All that is left is to buy a new mac laptop or remove the software.  I don't really need a new computer, although this mac I am writing on is 10 years old and can't run the new iTunes. I really don't want to remove the software.  So, my iPhone is now floating weightlessly around the apartment because it is alone and can not transfer anything to either of my computers.  I had to sync the thing at work until they told me to remove the software.  So now I am here, hoping to get the answer that has eluded everyone.



iPhone 4 (8GB), iOS 5.1