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Spending too many days on this, I'll ask: AirPort Utility indicates that it cannot find my AirPort Extreme devise. I have ethernet connection from router connected to computer to WAN port on Airport Extreme, and Airport Utility rescans to death and can't find my AirPort Extreme. When I remove ethernet from WAN port in AirPort Extreme and plug it into ethernet port, AirPort Utility finds it but I'm prompted to connect to WAN port which disconnects me and I'm off and running in circles. Why doesn't the Airport Utility discover my Airport Extreme when I'm connected to the WAN port? Does it have something to do with me connected to router and not cable modem?


Thanks in advance for any help. I've read most of these discussions and none refer to my WAN port issue.

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    try a hard reset. Also make sure if you are using an ethernet cable that you diable wifi on the device

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    Thanks, but I've gone through THREE paperclips over the last 3 weeks with no luck on hard reset. Cable works fine when plugged in ethernet port. Bought this with my iPad3 and I can't get wireless. Should have bought Belkin.


    After hitting the Rescan button all I get is the spinning beachball of death Discovering AirPort Wireless Devises message. All that I read before I bought it was how easy it was to setup. Maybe I have a defect Airport Extreme.

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    Honestly, if you can return the airport and get your money back, I would. I personally feel like networking should be left to company's who specialize in it, not a computer company. Cisco routers are the best. If you can't return it let's try to get this router working.


    For the hard reset try pushing and holding the button until the Light does it's Spazzy light show. Then keep holding for 60 sec. Use wifi to find the router (unplug and Ethernet cables between your computer and the router), and keep see hint, sometimes it will take 45 seconds to be discovered. (on a Mac open and close the wifi tab to keep it searching). A wifi network like "airport extreme 1g67hrnk3" will show. Just connect and open up airport utility.


    Ps if you have an iPhone I would recommend downloading airport utility, then you can do this all from your phone, and the ui is a bit better oddly enough.




    Ps: make sure the router goes directly into the mod. From expreance air ports don't work plugged into a switch or anything else.


    Hope this helps!