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I have the Shake install disc, software license and manuals but apparently have lost the serial number. There are no stickers on any of the doc's. I have it installed on a PPC 2.7Ghz Dual Processor with two hard drives, OS 10.4.11 on one drive and 10.5.8 on the other. I want to install Shake on the drive with 10.5.8 but have no serial number and when using Shake on 10.4.11 it doesn't show the serial number anywhere that I can find. If anyone knows how I can retrieve the serial number from Shake while it is running I'd really appreciate it.



PM G5 2.7 DP, Mac OS X (10.4.9), AJA Kona Lh, Ciprico dual U320, ATTO UL4D, Nvidia 6800GT