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Looking into getting Apple TV. I see no mention of watching catchup TV such as BBC iPlayer. In the UK seems no point in buying something that will not work with UK catch up channels. Can anyone enlighten me as to it's use in the UK!

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    No it doesn't have catch up TV options for any countries really.


    If you had an iPad/iPhone you could potentially 'Airplay' the iPlayer app to the TV but not ideal and need another device.


    AppleTV is continually morphing in terms of wehat it is supposed to do from the early days in 2007 when it was simply a media extender to show media form local iTunes and photos.


    I think regional catch up TV would be a sensible move for Apple.


    It's still primarily about streaming iTunes or iTunes Store content from your local library and the cloud plus iTunes Store rentals.  There are a few photo/video apps if you'd use them and a couple of subscription US sports feeds and Wall St Journal which I doubt is much interest to many outside of the US.


    Big plus was when Netflix started up in UK - not bad for me just for kids TV Show for £5.99 a month, but content is slow to be added and not a patch on the US version.



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    Note, any such hacks potentially could brick your AppleTV. or make it unable to get important updates from Apple.    Only do this if you are sure you are willing to risk it.