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I have iPhone 4S and an  iPad2 WiFi both running iOS5.1



I use the iPhone hotspot function to get the iPad on the internett when not at home. This workes great, I had to type inn the WiFi password the first time i connected the iPad, later the iPad connects without having to type the password.



Since iOS 5.1 the iPad sometimes have problems finding the iPhone hotspot. I turn on the "shared internet" function of the iPhone, open the smartcover on the iPad, but it does not connect (the two attached rings does not appear). If I go to Settings>WiFi on the iPad, the iPhone WiFi hotspot does not show up, the iPad just keeps searching. Then after a little while, the iPad suddently connect, ususally after I open Safari or Mail or something on the iPad. If I then close the smartcover, and leave the iPhone hotspot on, reopen the iPad smart cover, again the iPad does not seem to find the WiFi hotspot. I have to turn the hotspot function off/on on the iPhone, and then after a little while it works. When first connected,everything works OK.



Is this a problem with iOS 5.1?

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    Just going to the hotspot screen on the iPhone puts it in host mode where it's easy for the iPad to find it.


    You lose some speed due to bandwidth bottleneck of Bluetooth, but I found bluetooth tethering had fewer headaches and was more persistent.