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I have followed the instructions for numbering the ipads sequentially using Apple Configurator but it is not working.  It will number the first two correctly and then give every other ipad the same name of the last number. For example, it numbers 1 and 2 and then names every other ipad 2.  Any ideas on what the issue could be?

Apple Configurator, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Try these support articles:






    Configurator Help Guide



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    You are not alone. I have tried Configurator on a Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro. I have tried using one USB cord in case I was plugging in too soon. I've used the free USB ports in the device, a USB hub and a 14-port Sync-and-Charge station from Datamation Systems. I've followed the support article listed above to no avail. I'll keep searching to see if anyone has an answer and will revisit here if I find anything.

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    I've followed the support articles, yet it still does not work. Apple needs to fix this!

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    I have the same [problem despite multip;le attempts. a workaround for now is to let it update and when it is finished discnnect the ipad. Reconnect and let it refresh. Go to supervise and change the name to what you want. Once it finishes it then recognises the new name. Unfortunately you have to do this with each device. I bet this may create problems in the future, but it works for now! Apple please sort this out!

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    I may have a solution. Once you have created a basic image you are happy with, make sure you keep the name box empty in 'prepare' before you create a back up from it then put the first ipad on to prepare alone with the firs number in the sequence. Once this is ready and you are happy with it, put a number of ipads on to prepare. If you follow the sequence here very precisely


    then you should be ok.


    If you have already started preparing some ipads ignore the fact that it is numbering them all the same as it prepares (it picks this up from the basic image). If the prepare stage is successful it will give them the sequential number they had originally. However you must keep them all in sequence

    Some pointers:

    1. If using sticky number labels on the back of the ipads label them after set up is complete
    2. Don't set  apasscode before preparing ipads
    3. If you get a message that it can't prepare one of the ipads, look at the ipad concerned and switch it on; it may be that you have already set a passcode - if so log in and click 'trust' in the dialogue window, then go to the Mac computer with configurator on and click to close the error window; the ipad should then appear in configurator
    4. Most importantly keep checking any ipads that are preparing; some installs will take a long time especially if you have an update to the iOS
    5. If you get and unable to prepare message look at it! One I kept getting was "Unable to send ProceedWithKeybagMigration command to device". I'm not sure but this may be because the device has a different iOS version than the ipad concerned. Put that ipad aside and prepare it later when the others are complete
    6. Don't click the stop button if you have several ipads preparing - it stops everything not just the one you think you have chosen!

    Hope these help  you - produced in the process of preparing several iPads for a primary school and I now have 20 completed