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I have a form that is written for iPad. It was sent to me via corporate e-mail and is detached on a Win7 laptop. I want to get this file into iPad so that I can use it.

1) How do I get this file onto iPad? You cannot simply drag and drop as you would with a storage device (the iOS will not allow)

2) How do I upload this file to iCloud? The iPad is set to sync with iCloud.

3) Is there a way to upload the file to iCloud, and then download it to the iPad?

4) When there are updates to the file on iPad, can they be synced with iCloud? How is this done?

5) If it is possible to sync changes between iPad and iCloud (not sure that this is possible), can these changes be shared with the Win7 Device? That is, can the updated file be downloaded from the iCloud?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1, iCloud file transfer
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    Easiest way may simply be to email it to an email account you have up in the iPad.

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    James, this was my original plan. It see,Ed to work. I simply sent via email to account set up on the ad mail client. From there, I simply opened up the form using Numbers.

    Was going to do this originally, and someone suggested that I could use the iCloud, as it would be much simpler. I couldn't and it isn't. I'm really unsure what the cloud is supposed to do, and how to interact with it.

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    When you have an iCloud account, you can access you account on a computer via iCloud.com. You will have to enter your username and password and then access the iWorks section in the browser window. Click on Numbers and then you should be able to drag the document into the browser window and it will upload to the cloud.


    Then when you launch Numbers on your iPad, the document should be in the app. Now all of this is dependent upon you having set up iCloud on the iPad, and turning on Documents and Data for Numbers and enabling Numbers in the iCloud settings - Settings>Numbers>iCloud>On.

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    I tried all that except the last part - "drag and drop onto the browser window."

    That is a little detail that I did not know about - I was looking for a browser window, or some type of interface to be able to tell iCloud that I want to upload something. I was not expecting to drag and drop an icon onto the browser window. After that, it is pretty simple - icloud does the handshaking and uploads the file.

    It should also work in the reverse on the iPad - that is, when I'm done, all changes should be made to the file and it is replicated onto the iCloud. When I want it on the PC, I just drag and drop into a local folder.


    This would avoid e-mail and attachments...



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    Dropbox is another convenient way to transfer files between PC - Macs - iPad.  I don't have a smart phone, so have no clue if it works there.


    Thank you,  eugen

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    Dropbox is to me the best.


    You can copy the whole folder over a one go; no need to do it file by file.


    Dropbox will also "talk" to GoodReader, Quickoffice and Photos.

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    Spent an hour trying to transfer 1 recipe in word from my pc to my iphone 6 using icloud. Not sure it can be done. Typed in "dropbox" in IE on my PC, 1 minute later I had drop box up and running on my pc and another minute later I had it on my iPhone. 1 minute after that I had about 40 recipes on my iPhone. Dear Apple, go check out drop box and make iCloud work like that.