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I've Installed Windows 7, and it works find without installing the boot camp drivers. It also works when I manually install each driver I know I need such as RealTek Audio, NVIDIA, and so on. But when I try to install the whole shebang, my Windows installation is invariably left unusable crashing with seconds or at most a minute or two after boot time with a venetian blind effect leading to a "blue screen of death" that's visible only for a few seconds before the system restarts. The only think I really see on that screen is something about "CACHE_MEMORY".


The upshot is, I have no Startup Disk control panel in Windows which actually makes me keep another video card in my Mac Pro taking up a valuable card slot such that I can use EFI graphical booting supported by my main NVIDIA  card.


Is there any hope out there, any ideas? It seems like I've tried almost everything..

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), 8-core
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    x = Mac OS X on startup


    command-r = Lion Recovery


    Apple has an HFS driver that will panic or worse if it detects an Apple array but MacDrive will mount such an array


    Try running Memtest, even though you have ECC


    8-cores came out in 2007 so doesn't tell me anything as to which model or even the GTX in case that helps.


    Obviously you need Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


    If you burned a Windows ISO that can be an issue. Retail or System builder then no.


    Could also remove all other drives for now.


    Lion Boot Camp Assistant downloads the drivers, and 4.0.0 set were bad so you might want to make sure you clone+update Lion to 10.7.3 and download current drivers.


    And yes most things do work fine but not system power management and control w/o the Apple drivers.

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    Mine is the the Mac 3,1 (Early 2008) model  (sorry for not specifiying that) with 18 GB of RAM.


    I am running 64-bit, Install went beautifully and works beautifully after rolling back Apple setup and running individual drivers. But I don't get the Apple Control Panels most importantly Startup Disk.