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Hi I am from india, and somebody have taken my iphone 3GS. How can i track with IMEI number and how apple can help me in tracking this?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1
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    "How can i track with IMEI number "


    You cannot.


    "how apple can help me in tracking this?"


    Like any other manufacturer, they cannot.


    If you set up find my iphone on the iphone BEFORE it was lost AND it is on AND it has not been restored, then you may be able to track it using icloud/find my iphoe.


    Otherwise, there is no way to track it.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    It means i can only track the phone only till the time it is not restored. If once it is restored, then i wont be able to track it. Right????

    But dont we track the iphone on icloud with the help of serial number?

    If the phone is started even on some other operator at any place, then it is my guess that we will be able to track it. What do you say?




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    it can be tracked if the find my iphone is installed and only then if it's removed it's not longer possible

    if it was never installed it's not possible


    if apple tried to do anything else they would be breaking the laws in just about every country in the world


    in the country I live if stolen I can repport the IMEI nr to the police and they have the phone blocked from being used on any of the countrys phone companys and companys they work with in other countries

    you could look into if something like that is valid in your country