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Does anyone have any idea how to install this printer on a Mac? I tried 70% of the drivers available. None of the work properly :/

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Have you tried these drivers?


    http://www.citizen-systems.co.jp/english/support/download/printer/driver/cups/in dex.html


    We're having a guy from the local POS shop come over in a while to see if the CT-S310 II will work on our Macs running LightSpeed - and I've downloaded that Mac OSX driver in anticipation.


    Will let you know how it pans out.

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    The POS guy just left and the good news is we got the Mac working with the CT-S310 II in under an hour from him arriving.


    The driver from the link above worked perfectly, and the hardest part was getting LightSpeed to format the receipt correctly for the printer. That was, however, relatively easily solved after following the HowTo on their website and tweaking a few settings.


    We hit a bit of a hardware snag though. At the end, printing a few receipts in a row to check for consistency, a faded area showed up on the receipt.  I looked at the roller on the top lid of the printer and noticed a smooth line on the otherwise textured roller - I could predict the faded part on the receipt by positioning this smooth part on the roller.


    I hope this is a fluke defect and not a regular, QC'ed product.


    The printer has a Long Life setting, which eases the pressure of the heater on the roller on purpose - makes the parts last longer, apparently - not sure if that has anything to do with the faded part.


    The POS guy took it back to the shop to check it out, replace it with an immaculate model and hopefully not call me back to say "that's just the way it is".


    Will report back when we reach Utopia.

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    Reporting from Utopia: success! Turns out the receipt paper the POS guy brought was a test-roll that's been kicking around for over a year, and apparently that was the reason for the fade... they say.


    Anyway, replaced the roll and all is well.


    The Citizen CT-S310 II is now working flawless on our Mac.



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    I'm trying to get the CT-300S Citizen receipt printer working with Lightspeed POS on OS X...  I installed the driver and it doesn't quite work from lightspeed.  I got it to print once but it made a lot of noise and the layout was completely wrong.  Can you offer any hints on what else you had to do to get it working nicely as your photo shows?

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    Hi, I can't remember all the exact details now, but try setting up a custom page size in your MAC OS system settings (not from within Lightspeed) and make it the default for your printer.


    Experiment a bit with that, make the custom size slightly narrower than the paper (or what Lightspeed suggests), as the printer doesn't seem to be self aware and won't put in it's own margins, so will happily overprint and cause problems for itself.


    You have to specify the height of the page, which ends up being the length of the receipt. It's annoying, because it doesn't auto adjust if your receipt is longer or shorter according to how many items you sold. I couldn't find a work-around for that, so you just specify slight longer than your average receipt, or over-compensate if you don't mind wasting extra cm's of paper everytime you sell only a few items.


    At some point you also have to go into LightSpeeds system settings and setup your receipt there.  Here's a few links that might help you, in case you haven't found them all yet.


    http://www.lightspeedretail.com/support/lightspeed-mac/printed-receipt-has-tiny- font-or-is-too-small-to-read/




    I usually blog about things that I can't easily fix, but I didn't blog about this, which makes me think following the instructions solved it for me. Hope you have better luck.