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Hi Friends,


I'm using 4s (ios 5.1) and having a problem of signal detecting to my phone. this is the story.


when i switch on the phone, normally detecting the mobile network automatically and working fine. sometimes, i'm experincing a poor coverage which resulting a 0 signal strength. Phone indicatng " No Service" and not detecting signals once it detect themobile network again. so i need to restart my phone everytime to regain the mobile network operator. i've tried by changing my network selection from automatic to manual and other way but not got any positive result.


this is a headace to me since i need to restart my phone 2-3 times per day. signal drop issue is not a phone problem as per my knowlege, but not detecting the network again in "auto" or even in "manual" network selection mode is a big phone problem.


is there any way to rectify this issue ? is there any way to detect signal without restating my phone ?


thank you 

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Factory Unlocked
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    any good answer ?? still have this problem ??

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    Update to iOS 5.1.1 if you haven't already.  Depending on your carrier, dial *228 and press option 2 when prompted to update your preffered roaming list.  If you're using a sim card, reseat the card.  You also might want to check with your carrier for coverage in your area.  Hope this helps 

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    thanks for your reply. but i think this is a phone problem. when signal drops to Zero and back to normal level, it should be picked by the phone (as like all other phone brands). but my iphone 4s not picking signal once it drops to zero. indicating "No Service" and need to restart. when i select "Airplane mode" on and off, phone tring to find out the nextwork but not picking. working fine after restarting. but i cant restart my phone like this. i have a other band phone as well. its picking signal from same network when i phone indicating "no service". hope you can understand my problem much clearly now.

    ios up to date 5.1.1

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    Sounds like it is a phone problem.  Have you talked to Apple?  They may replace your phone for you

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    sadly im using this phone outside USA. im in Sri lanka (asian country). we dont have an authorized dealer for iphones. we have big time zon difference (GMT +5.30). no email support, unable to contact from phone (because of cost and time diff). thats why im searching a positive result here