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How can I enable subtitles on movies and tv shows in the 3rd generation apple tv ???

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    Try this:


    While playing the video.

    Up button on the remote

    Up button (again)

    You may see the description, and below that something like: Hold center/select button for options

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    Yes I know and i tried that, but it doesnt appear any subtitles option. not even the closed captioning works.

    I have enabled closed captioning in the settings menu, and put everything to english, so that at least the subtitles are available, but my problem is that i just cant seem to make the subtitles or closed captioning appear on screen.

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    I can't really tell you about TV Shows on iTunes, since they're not available on iTunes here in Mexico.


    As for movies, if you downloaded them yourself from other place than the iTunes Store, I'm not sure you can simply enable subtitles like that.

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    Thank you


    Up arrow and holding down select worked fine for me.