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I had read an article explaining how to configure a Windows 7 PC to print to a shared Mac printer (in Snow Leopard, but I assume it's the same in Lion).


So I shared the printer (an IP printer) on my Mac, then followed the instructions to add LPR Printing to Windows 7.


I went to and saw the CUPS page on my Mac, and the setup the LPR port on Windows 7 with the IP address of my Mac and the Queue name listed for the shared printer in CUPS.  Unfortunately, when I enter the port info and click OK, it comes back with the error page listed in the article.


I've tried this on two different iMac's (a new 27" and a much older iMac with Snow Leopard).  I also used three different Windows laptops (Windows 7 and Vista), and all three gave the same error.


Basically, when I setup the LPR port, it cannot "talk" and confirm the settings with the Mac.  WHY????


I've turned off Windows Firewall, tried basically everything I can think of (and I'm a tech, so I've tried a lot!).


Anyone successfully printed to a shared Mac printer from a Windows 7/Vista PC? 


Thanks for any help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), 27", Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD