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I have snow leopard and I want to know if when mountain lion comes out will I have to already have lion?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • Matt Clifton Level 7 (29,855 points)

    The official system requirements have not yet been released. It seems unlikely that the upgrade will depend on a certain version of OS X beyond that that supports the App Store (ie, 10.6.8). More likely that there will be hardware limitations. But nobody knows yet.



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    Yes, you have to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, Then Mac OS X Mountain Lion.


    If You have Snow Leopard, then upgrading to Mac OS X Lion is only $29.99 via the Mac App's Store, a one time fee for all your Macs if you download it to your devices first before you actually install it to avoid paying more than once. If you have Mac OS X Lion, then Mac OS X Mountain Lion is only a one time purchase fee of $19.99. Mountain Lion will be available as a single software upgrade via the Mac App Store beginning in July 2012. The BEST PART is you only have to purchase it one time to upgrade all of your Macs. So its like $50 bucks total for ALL your Macs to get both Lion and Mt Lion. The same price it was total for family pack when Snow Leopard came out for upto 5 systems. Exept this time you get 2 upgrades for about the same price as 1 upgrade before.


    To watch an exciting video from the WWDC/June2012 regarding what Developers, APPs, Mountain Lion, iPhone4S, and IOS6 will brings to the table, click below:




    I can't wait.


    Good Luck,


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    I don't think I can remember having to upgrade to an OS to upgrade to another OS. There was  only one reason you had to upgrade to Snow Leopard to get Lion, to get the App store that was on Snow Leopard to be able to download Lion. Leopard and previous OS's didn't have the App store.  So, to answer your question, you should be able to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. $19... you save $10 or $19+$29= $48... you save $29!

  • David M Brewer Level 6 (9,365 points)

    Please go to the video at 67:30... $19 even from Snow Leopard.



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    The easy way to answer this is to go to the OS X page. http://www.apple.com/osx/




    If you are running Lion (10.7.x), you’re ready to update to Mountain Lion. Go to Step 3. If you are running Snow Leopard (10.6.x), update to the latest version of OS X Snow Leopard before you purchase OS X Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store. Click the Apple icon and choose Software Update to install Snow Leopard v10.6.8, the latest version.


    • OS X v10.6.8 or later
    • 2GB of memory
    • 8GB of available space




    (while there were requirements for having a prior version such as for Snow Leopard req'd Leopard, there was no attempt to force or insure that someone had 10.5 so you could go from Tiger if you wanted)