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On the first page during iTunes Producer upload, there is a Series Name and Number in Series options, does anybody know what's the use of this in iBookstore? Does iBookstore grouped the books into a series?


I would like to see my books grouped into a series (1/2/3/4/5/6) rather than randomly scattered around... this is make worse by Apple which approved books in the series in any order (for my musical books Apple is approving in reverse order, so now I got book 2 and 3 but 1 is still waiting in approval).



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    Why not wait for them all to be approved and then put them on sale.

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    This won't work in the environment when you don't know when or whether your books will be approved.


    All of our books are in a series, and so far NONE of the series have been approved by all. If we wait for all books to be approved we won't have any books on sale right now. We currently have 14 books in iBookstore.

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    You want to talk about some imaginary environment or this one? What do you want me to do? Lie to you?


    If you can't work with this one, there are others waiting to be taken advantage of

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    I am asking a question. If you don't know the answer or do not think it will work, just either keep quiet or say no. You are not required to answer anything you have no knowledge of.