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Dear. Apple


We are students of Dongduck Women's university project team sponsored by LG corporation group which is a global company of South Korea.

We are writing to ask an interview and visiting yor company about e-book marketing strategy of Apple(Amazon) on the subject of 'vision of e-book world market, own strengths and strategy of Apple(Amazon)’.

During our basic e-book research, your outstanding achievement and revolutional devices and contents faltform in global e-book market has caught our attention. So, we would like to interview relevant staff in your company. We are very interested in Apple Inc, so we sincerely hope to visit your company.

We firmly believe that your participation in this our project will contribute to positive direction in Korea e-book market.

It would be greatly appreciates if you would approve an interview and allow our visit on you company as well as participation in Apple sigheseeing. The planned schedule for our visit will be ----------------this year and we take a field-trip, so could you let us know when is available for our visiting on your company, and interview.  If you can, we want to make appointment,

Please let us know if I am allowed to visit Apple Inc. and if so, when is the convenient time and day (28-30 July)for you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly. And We sincerely hope

to hearing good answer from you.

Best wishes,

to want visit Apple, I hope your positive e-mail.
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    Hello bo lan,


    You've stumbled into the AppleWorks community on Apple Support Communities. Like the other communities on this site, AppleWorks is a user-to-user forum for discussion of a specific topic—in this community, the topic is Apple's discontinued, but still widely used, productivity application, AppleWorks.


    Apple representatives and employees seldom frequent this (or any other) community on this site, so your request is unlikely to reach anyone capable of answering it.


    I would suggest taking a look at the Contact Info page on the Apple.com site. The link will taake you there. I don't see a logical place to ask your question on that page, so a good place to start might be with the Corporate address and telephone number in the top right corner. If those are not the right place for your question, the person answering the phone (or the mail) should be able to direct you.


    Before contacting Apple, you might want to take a closer look at any connection between Apple and Amazon. To my knowledge, there is no connection between the two companies.


    Best of luck in your quest.