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I just did a clean install on a 2010 13" Mac Book Pro...I first divided the hard drive into 2 partitions as I need Snow Leopard installed on this machine also.


I ran the 10.7.3 combo updater and all software updates for this machine.


I am seeing weird things like scroll bars appearing for a second or two on apps and finder windows where no scrollbar is needed! (IOW, no more content or items than what are being shown.)


also, I ran an adobe updater for Photoshop elements...I have used this updater before and know it to be good. After running it and seeing "Update complete" Photoshop elements wasn't actually updated! the updater meant to take it to 9.0.3; in the finder, it's still 9.0 even after a complete reboot.


Is it possible this model, or this particular machine simply isnt' able to handle Lion?


Any thoughts or clues?


Thank you,



MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I can't really provide a solution but I can tell you from personal experience as an owner that this Mac is perfectly capable of running Lion. I would venture and wonder if the partition has something to do wit it but that probably doesn't make sense at all

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    I think it pays to consider the partition as causal...I thought it myself, but I have nothing to substantiate the concern...


    plus, I recently talked about partitions with an apple senior advisor who said they were perfectly OK to us with Lion and other OS X versions on a multi-partition drive.


    so..if the partition is the culprit...then that's like saying that Lion needs to be the sole occupant of an entire drive...


    could that be the case?



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    It might, it might not, it's relative to the user.


    IMO anything pre-early 2011 shouldn't run Lion, 2010 is on the borderline, and 2009 and earlier should stay on 10.6.


    Also if you installed Lion into Partiton #2 it's going to run slower as those sectors on the second half of the drive are  slowe than the ones on the first 50% of the drive where Partition #1 is.


    Lion is also slower than Snow Leopard on the same hardware freshly installed, it's likely gotten even slower as the updates have gone on.



    Now just to have you know, when you installed Lion, IT CHANGED the partiton map and installed a Lion Recovery Partiton at the bottom of the drive.


    What this means is YOU CAN"T use the 10.6 disk or 10.6 Disk Utiliy to perform repairs on the drive anymore as 10.6 doesn't know what the Lion Recovery is or why the partiton map has been altered.


    So the only way to fix your drive in the future is to take all the data off, erase the whole drive from the 10.6 disk and set things up again.



    You might be running into a future problem if you installed Lion on Parititon #2, what if you want to go to Lion completely, now what?


    You can't detete Partition #1 with 10.6 because you can only merge downwards, not upwards in Disk Utiilty on Lion.


    So you need ot learn how to clone, so you can clone off 10.6 or 10.7 off their partitions, Lion Recovery boot and then delete Parittion #2, merge it with Partiton #1 and reverse clone 10.7 back on.


    read more here



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    OK...can you tell me this...if I reformat the drive so that I can go back to Snow Leopard, can I created 2 partitions on the drive...one for Snow Leopard, and the other for either another installation of Snow or regular Leopard?


    OR...could I just wipe Lion off its present partition and install either Snow or Regular leopard on it and use the other partition for Snow?


    I mean..since they've already been wiped..would I need to re-wipe them?


    Will that be OK with this computer?


    thank you!



  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    Yes, but you need to erase the entire drive (10.6 instlal disk) by selecting the makers name and size on the far left in Disk Utility, that's so you erase the Lion Recovery and 10.7 partiton map and rebuild a 10.6 compatible parittion map.


    Once you do that you can create as many as 16 partitions on the drive, install 10.6 into a max of 4 of them. LOL The good old days.



    This business with Lion altering things is so people can command r boot into Lion Recovery as there are no boot disks with Lion.


    If you can boot off the 10.5 disk you can certainly install it into a parittion on 10.6 drive, as long as the machine originally came with the 10.5 disks it should be able to boot.


    Sometimes there is a firmware change that will break older OS X install disks, 10.5 might be one of them.

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    Lemme ask you, tho...why are your own requirements for hardware that can run Lion so strict as "nothing before 2011?"


    Does this have to do with video chipsets, or CPU or just plain computer muscle?

  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    RaySkater wrote:


    Lemme ask you, tho...why are your own requirements for hardware that can run Lion so strict as "nothing before 2011?"


    http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-20091204-263/graphics-issues-plaguing-os-x- 10.7-lion-upgrades/



    Does this have to do with video chipsets, or CPU or just plain computer muscle?


    A bit of both problems and older less powerful hardware.


    With 2011+ models, Apple tested them to work with 10.7, not so with earlier models.

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    With apologies for some cross-posting …


    I read that it's possible to have more than sixteen partitions, and boot from all those partitions.


    However: for breathing space, I might recommend no more than fifteen.


    In Ask Different: Why should I observe a limit of sixteen partitions per disk with OS X?

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    I am curious what scenario would call for such a large number of partitions? Good to know that it can be done, but beyond maybe one or two versions of OS X, one for Windows and maybe a Linux or two, I can't see the need for more, personally...


    Why would more be needed?