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I just got my first iPad so of course I have downloaded a ton of games and other apps. However, I keep running into problems with them not running on my iPad. Other users complain as well. Sometimes I don't even download because it does say it isn't compatible. I thought the only problem would be apps not looking as good as possible, but these don't work at all. Can someone explain why this is? And why is Apple allowing them in the store at all when they aren't compatible with their current products? I thought Apple's app store was top notch. Do they usually fix issues like this quickly? I read through the app submission guidelines and it states that Apple reviews games after every update. I guess I'm just frustrated because I'm new to Apple and i had great expectations.

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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    try to go in contact with the developer.

    Have the same problem with one of my downloaded apps not workin correctly. Guess it´s because of the 4x size of the Retina display. Mailed him but havn´t heard back from him. Guess he is not doing working on Apps anymore because all of his releases dated from 2010.

    But at least you can give it a try. I had nice conversations with other developer who support their products.

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    Good idea... Thanks!

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    Which apps are not running - name them, and do you have the name of the apps that specifically include not being compatible with the iPad?


    Apps in the App Store are for the iPad, the iPod Touch, and the iPhone. There are (3) iPad versions, iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, and 4S, and I forgot how many iPod Touch versions. Some of the apps compatible with the first and second iPad versions may not be compatible with the new iPad version due to the retina display. 


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    One example is Defense: Power of Magic. It is free today (and actually looks like a good game) so it would be an easy download if you want to see if you experience problems. It is listed as an iPad game and does not say that it is incompatible with the new iPad. I don't expect a game that states that it is formiphone only to work on my iPad ;)


    My review is the only one for this version. I actually updated it to be specific about the problem (the game only shows up in a small rectangle in the corner and has obstructions ... Buttons, etc). Apparently it takes time for new or updated reviews to show up. Anyway, they JUST updated the game... You would think they would have made sure it was compatible with the current iPad.


    Another example is Ragnar Rock Thor's Revenge. It doesn't work at all on the new iPad, yet it is compatible with iPad 2 and doesn't state any compatibility issues in the description.


    I've run into some that I haven't purchased because of stated compatibility issues.