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Does anyone know of a reliable supplier of printer cartridges for Apple Laserwriter 360 printers?  I have tried a couple of vendors withour success.  The last vendor, LD Products (4inkjets) has sent two cartridges that did not print a clean page from the start.  They were good enough to replace the first one but declined to send a second replacement.  One other vendor on a famous shopping site failed to respond to a defective product.

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    When you have such an old printer, you run into problems with new "old stock."  A laser printer tech once told me that toner cartridges do have a shelf life, so if you're purchasing an Apple retail boxed toner cartridge, it's old.  If they're refilled cartridges, the same might be true - and then you have to consider the quality (or lack thereof) of the remanufacturing process.  Finding good quality ink tanks or toner cartridges for old printers can be a source of headaches.