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I have a brand new Panasonic KX-TG7643 wireless home phone that is designed to link a up to 2 cell phones to the landline phone as well as transfer cell phone contacts.  My iphone recognizes the device, however, after entering the default pin number (0000 according to the Panasonic Operating Instructions) the following message appears: "Pairing Unsuccessful Make sure 'KX-TG76' is ready to pair, the PIN code is correct, and try again."  I have reset the phone, and followed every diagnostic and instructional procedure as given through Panasonic Telephone Support and the Operating Instruction Manual.  The iPhone 3GS is listed by Panasonic as a compatible bluetooth enabled cellphone.  The phone is ready to pair, the pin number is correct and my iPhone sees the device, so wht won't they pair?  Panasonic Support thinks there is something wrong with my iPhone, which is currently running iOS 5.1 and pairs perfectly to my GMC bluetooth in my car.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1
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    I have exactly the same problem and don't have an answer.  I'm using iPhone 5 with Panasonic KX-TG76.  There is nothing wrong with your iPhone, hopefully Panasonic comes up with an answer.  I have not had any trouble pairing this phone to other Bluetooth devices.

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    You are not going crazy. My iPhone 5 wont pair either with my Panasonic home phone with bluetooth pairing. It's a different model (the latest KX-TGA660). I've rebooted the iphone many times and tried turning each on at different order. Nothing works. My phone is running OS 6.0 and is up to date.  I hope there is an update soon.

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    Guess what?  I figured out what the problem with my phone was.  The Panasonic instructions tell you to change their default pin number of "0000" (used to confirm the pairing of the Panasonic phones to the iPhone) BEFORE you try to pair the phones.  So, for once in my life I read the instructions and I did what they said.  Continuing to read through the instructions, I tproceeded with the pairing process EXACTLY following the instructions provided by Panasonic (which were actually written in normal, understandable english).  To pair the phones, Panasonic instructs the user to enter the pin number and they give the example of "0000".  That's what I entered and that's why I couldn't pair my phone.  As instructed a few paragraphs earlier, I had changed the pin to a number that I chose.  Once I repeated the pairing process with the correct pin, the Panasonic and iPhone blissfully became united.  Now when the iPhone rings, the Panasonic voice caller ID annouces the caller's number and we can pick up the call on any of the extensions.


    One more hint on this process:  Panasonic never tells you that you can't perform this pairing process from the base station key pad.  You have to grab one of the Panasonic handsets and perform the process from whichever handset you chose.  It then automatically programs the base station and all of the rest of the Panasonic handsets, so you only have to do it once.


    I hope this simple fix works for you!

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    That worked. Thanks a million. There's no way I would have worked that one out myself.

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    I followed the instructions, reset the pin, and the phone still won't pair.

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    Hello it's me again. I posted that my phone still wouldn't pair, BUT I would like to announce that it finally did.


    There's an important distinction to make about using the handset vs. using the base station.  You can hit [menu] 6241# on the handset to register the phone, or you can use the handset's bluetooth menu (see .jpg below).


    I tried the "6241 function" till I was blue in the face, changing the PIN over and over and entering the same PIN from my iPhone 4S, and it never worked.  Please note that this is exactly what the instructions say to do (page 19 of KG-TG7622 manual).


    What finally worked is choosing [menu] from the handset and using the arrow keys to scroll to Bluetooth, then Link To Cell.  My phone was already listed there (I had succesfully registered it before we moved houses). Then I hit select and it finally, FINALLY connected.


    I hope that distinction helps someone.  Here's to world peace.

    panasonic bluetooth.jpg

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    Hi Mike & all!!  I know you figured this out and posted back in October (2012), but I wanted to say THANK YOU!!  LOL  This was driving me CRAZY trying to pair my iPhone5 (and my 4S when I had it for that matter) and I couldn't figure out why the default "0000" didn't work.


    When I checked wayyyy back when, I couldn't find anything online about it, and through my own fault, I was too lazy to try to spend time reading the manual, which obviously would have then reminded me that I CHOSE my own 4 numbers when I registered my DROID2 , and I TOTALLY forgot about it .  AwwwNuts !! LOL


    Well, the GREAT news here is that I NOW have my cell phone paired with the house phone, and I am soooo happy about that, hahaha!!


    THANK YOU for helping me to solve the mystery of pairing iPhones/ANY cell phones with this model Panasonic phone!! 

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    You are certainly welcome!


    Don't beat yourself up over not reading the manual.  Panasonic did not make this piece of information jump off the page.  Hopefully they are monitoring the forums so they can fix the manual.  It is called a user manual but it is not user friendly which makes it kind of useless in a world where we've come to expect things to be, well, useful.



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    I tried everything without success until I uninstalled Auxo. After that it was a piece of cake.

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    MMY iPhone5 doesn't recognize my Panasonic.

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    I've tried all the tips above and still can't get my iphone 4 to pair to my landline (KX-TG78).  The KX-TG78 never asks for a password.  It just says Cellphone Pairing.  Then when I go to my iphone I go to settings, bluetooth and click on DECT KX-TG78.  After a few seconds I get a message on my ipone that says Connection Unsucecessful Make sure DECT KX-TG78 is turned on and in range.  I'm doing all this with the KX-TG78 and my iphone within a couple feet from the other.  I welcome any hints and /or suggestions.



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    I upgraded my old iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5 and was trying to restore my bluetooth connection to my Panasonic DECT/LinkToCell phone. I was having the same issues reported here -- Any attempt to pair would fail, the iPhone saying that the Panasonic was "unavailable".  This was extremely frustrating since the old iPhone 4S and another iPhone 5 we have in the house were paired fine.


    I also tried resetting the bluetooth PIN (Menu #619) from the default of 0000 but it still wouldn't pair.  I also tried resetting it back to the 0000 PIN.  Finally, I clicked on the "i" icon listed next to my DEC KG-TG78 device on my iPhone while it was trying to pair and told it to "forget this device".  After I did that, my next pairing attempt was successful.


    So I'm not sure what fixed the problem but I recommend trying to forget the device between pairing attempts instead of trying to pair repeatedly.  Perhaps the (old/wrong) PIN is saved somewhere on the iPhone and needs to be cleared after changing the PIN on the Panasonic?

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    THANK YOU!   This worked for me and my iphone5. I was all set to pack my AT&T connect to cell system up and return it to Best Buy but changing the password after forgeting the device and turning my cell phone off worked. My directory downloading and everything is good.

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