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When I setup my iPad(3) the iMovie files that I had on my iPad2 (which had been backed up on my desktop Mac) did not transfer. Going back to my iPad2 i transferred each of the iMovies to iTunes on my desktop. I know that files can be transferred from the desktop to my new iPad, using the File Sharing under Apps. However where are the iMovies stored under iTunes? I cannot find them anywhere? Thanks in advance for helping me to find these iMovies

G4, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Only Projects can be moved via File transfer in iTunes.


    What are iMovies, I am assuming you don't mean the program?

    iMovie is a program.

    You can have Movies and TV shows (these cannot be edited in iMovie and must be copied via the TV Shows or Movies Part of Itunes).

    Home videos shot on iPads/iPods/iPhones need to be shared via the Photos tab in iTunes:

    Photo import iTunes.jpg


    You don't have to use iPhoto, on a PC or Mac you can choose to import via a Folder.

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    Yes I meant iMovie Projects. I figured the problem is different from what I first described. I went on my iPad2, went into iMovies and took each Project and shared it with iTunes. Next I connected my iPad3 with my desktop Mac and went into ITunes. I could not find my iMovie Projects anywhere, not under file sharing and not under iPhoto....search my entire Mac for the iMovie Project names there are not there! I guess the problem occurs because the device names are different....one is called iPad2 nd the other is my iPad3. I am trying to move iMovie Projects from my ipad2 to my iPad3!

    You know how to do this? Appreciate your help.

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    O.K, I think I know what you're doing wrong.


    So far you have shared your Projects on the iPad 2 right?

    Next connect the iPad 2 to iTunes.

    Go to the Apps Tab,

    Scroll down,

    Go to File Sharing,

    Scroll in the Apps window till you get to iMovie;

    Inside there you'll see your project files:


    You then need to drag these files out to your Desktop (or to a folder specially for them).


    Once they are copied out, THEN you disconnect the iPad 2, and Connect the iPad 3.

    Do the same as above, but now drag the .iMovieMobile files into the iPad 3 iMovie Folder.


    Then open iMovie on the iPad 3, and import the projects:

    Tap the Import button at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the name of the project you want to import.

    When the import is complete, the project opens and can be edited like any other project.


    Hope that Helps!

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    Thank you so much for showing me the procedure for moving iMovie projects from one iPad to another.. You made my day. Happy Easter. Guido