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Bikerman35 Level 1 Level 1

Does anyone have the answer to fix apple tv losing connection from iTunes home sharing. I have had apple tv since Xmas, as it was a gift. But I'm getting fed up using it, because I have to keep restarting iTunes or apple tv after around 10 mins or so. I cannot understand how apple can sell a product that does not work how it's supposed to. Please can someone help.

Apple TV (2nd generation), iOS 5.0.1
  • jb122 Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem intermittently with my ATV 2, and since upgrading to ATV 3 it escalated.  I tried a number of things to resolve but ultimately wound up resetting my router and refixing the password to WPA-PSK security.  It has worked fine since.  One other thing that I discovered that was intermittently causing problems was an older WINXP laptop that seemed to cause the ATV to drop out.  I reordered the laptop and reset it with the password as new, no problems since.  Good luck.

  • Bikerman35 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello jb122, I tried changing my router settings to Wpa-psk. But when I did this I lost all Internet connection. So reset my Linksys router back. I was hoping this would work. But don't know that much about routers. Thanks anyway buddy.

  • Rudegar Level 7 Level 7

    it will not work any better then the network equipment it's connected to

    if you are not familiar with routers maybe you could get help from somebody you know

    with more exp or read the manual of the router?


    after changing the encryption everything connected to the router is required to reconnect and apply the password


    as an experiment you can also try connecting the appletv with an ethernet cable rather then use wifi


    the default wifi network of most routers are 2.4Ghz which happen to be the same band as wireless dect phones use and bluetooth and microwave ovens and routers default channel will be what most people use

    so if you live in a place with my wifi networks and you all use the same wifi channel interference will happen

    so you can try changing the channel to maybe 13


    another option is if your router support it is to use the 5Ghz band it's much less used so there is less interference

  • Bikerman35 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Rudegar, I will try again. But when I set the router to Wpa-psk, and saved settings. I then had no Internet connection. So I deleted the Linksys network on my pc, which should then show the new Linksys connection on my pc. But it did not show anything. So I reset my router, and put everything back to the same settings. If there are any tips you can give me to help. I would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance buddy

  • bpdrums2 Level 1 Level 1

    It has nothing to do with your router.  It's broken, buggy software from Apple.  The new versions of iTunes are broken.  People are having these same Home Sharing problems even when both the source computer and the Apple TV are connected via ethernet.

  • SoundForSound Level 1 Level 1

    Home sharing with the new Apple TV / iTunes update is just broke.  Only works for a bit unless you restart iTunes or disable / re-enable Home Sharing.  Use to work great until the last updates.  This is not a network (router, firewall, ...) issue - just a (bad) regression in Apples software.  Hopefully they fix this soon, hard to believe its been broke this long already.  The Remote app update also fails to connect to Apple TVs (but does connect to iTunes) for many people as well.  Poor QA all around. :(


    I have yet to see any suggestion that actually works other than reverting to previous versions of fwr / iTunes - which is a pain / joke to do.


    There are a *ton* of posts about this:


  • here2rock Level 1 Level 1

    SoundForSound, what is the version of the iTunes working with the ATV3?


    I have another issue, it keeps waking up from sleep mode. Is there a fix for this?

  • SoundForSound Level 1 Level 1

    Any 10.5.x works - kpjust not the 10.6.x releases.


    I have noticed that my Apple TVs seem to wake once and awhile too now.  Or at least the light pops on when everything is off...

  • here2rock Level 1 Level 1

    I wonder when is Apple going to release an update for iTunes and ATV3 to fix all these issues? I just feel like taking their hardware back to an Apple store and request a full refund because nothing is working with it.

  • JayB0730 Level 1 Level 1

    What router is everyone using?  I'm using a Netgear and having the same issue.  I finally went into the router and saw that there is a new firmware update.  After downloading the new firmware, so far so good.  Also, another thing I noticed is that my IP address was when it was not working.  Now it is  I think it's the router or possibly an IP conflict.  If I continue to see this issue, I will reply.


    Best of Luck!


    - Jay

  • Desigc Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having this exact issue although now, even Apple TV is having to be restart so I can access purchased content from time to time.  Basically, the home sharing network seems to get stuck and think its connected but you cannot access anything.  Apple TV when you click on Computers just spins.  And when you try to access that same media library from the iPhone remote app, it never connects.


    I concur that it just started happening about 2-3 weeks ago with one of the recent updates.  I'm very hopeful the next iteration will fix this stuff because it is maddening.


    Apple, please fix this!  Our whole audio/video system throughout the house is put together on the home sharing backbone.  So this is really messing with our entire entertainment system.



  • RSSanford Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with you, it's a problem in iTunes. My connections are all hard-wired ethernet.


    I have an ATV1 and an ATV3 with the iTunes on a MacMini (2011). The connection stays up for less than a day, and then I have to remote into the MacMini and restart iTunes.


    Most annoying!

  • mikochu Level 1 Level 1

    I agree. I've got a 2nd gen streaming from my iTunes Match account and randomly get those can't play content errors, then after retrying, it reboots on its own.

  • Rathbone Hall Level 1 Level 1

    Scan the Support Community sites. Apple TV losing connection is prevalent. The many postings point out the problem occurs with Apple TV1,2and 3; with different brands of router including Airport Extreme; from current and past versions of iTunes; after varying periods of working well.....minutes, hours, days; losing connection with Home Sharing and loosing Airplay; whether the router and Apple TV are in same room or separated by distance; after trying innumerable posted 'fixes'; after exchanging for a new Apple TV.

    Readers, please don't post a fix until you check it works for atleast a week.

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