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Hi everyone,


I have an iPad 2 with iOS 5.1 and iTunes 10.6.1


I can't get home sharing to work with Apple's Remote app. Even though both my Mac and iPad 2 are on the same WiFi network, neither reads the other, and Remote just asks me to sign into iTunes with my Apple ID. Any help? Is AirPlay the new Home Sharing, what is the difference? How can I get my iPad 2 to control my Mac's iTunes content? All I want is to be able to control my Mac's iTunes' content play using the Remote app on my iPad. Note: I don't have an Apple TV


All help is very much appreciated


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iPad 2, iOS 5.1, Mac OSX Lion 10.7.3, iTunes 10.6.1
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    I might be wrong but I think the Apple Remote App is for AirPlay, while Home Sharing basically shares an iTunes library between several computers (all attached to the same Apple ID, limit is 5) over a Local Network, lke your home. You would control iTunes on the computer you are using. I think you have to pair the Remote app with that computer you are using, not the one where the library lives. Think of your library on a main computer as a server of sorts. Your other computers are just "seeing" that library and you can use it. The Remote App will work with either machine but you'd want it to be paired to the one in front of you, not the "server". Hope this helps.

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    Air Play alows you to play media form your computer on remote devices. i.e. movies, Music, and photos that you share from your computer to the device. Home sharing allows you to access that media that is on your computer from the other device that supports home sharing. Unfortunately, it seems a great deal of people, including myself, have been having issues with it all working properly. Sometimes it works with my ipad, sometimes my iphone, sometimes my apple tv, rarely have they all worked at the same time. It seems most of the issues started after that latest itumes update. But that is just speculation on my part. I have been trying to get it all working and sometimes have some success for a few minutes, and then it drops out again. Cannot figure out what is causing the issue.  Every time I think i have it, something else goes wrong.

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    Not sure which updates caused the problem but the Remote App sees my Mac Mini with Home Sharing turned on but won't connect unless I turn off Home Sharing on the Mini and then back on. This will work for a while then eventually the same thing will occur - will try to connect to the shared library and not find it (even though it shows as a device to connect to on the Remote App device screen. I also have an AppleTV that I use with the Remote App with the same Home Sharing and have no problem connecting to it.