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Can I use an existing windows xp installation from a windows computer> In other words, I have a windows computer with XP Pro service pack 2 on it. I want to take that hard drive and put it in my mac pro and then use it through boot camp. Could'nt I just install the boot camp drivers on it? Thank you in advance.

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    Windows won't reactivate.


    It has the wrong drivers - and that will cause crash and nver be stable.


    Apple now supports with good reason Windows 7 and depending but you need 64-bit Windows Pro.

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    Thanks. I have both 32 & 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate. So you say I can't install 32 bit Windows 7? Because I have some old Windows programs that are 32 bit. Will they run on 64 bit Windows 7? Thank you.

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    They'll be fine (unless they are 16-bit, in which case run a Windows VM).


    Because 32-bit does not make good use of and manage memory, and you would only get less than 3GB available, you want 64-bit (there is next to zilch reason for 32-bit OS at this point).


    When Vista came out in 2006-7 there were 64-bit drivers and the adoption rate. Not now.

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    Thank you. What I am going to do then is install (4) 1 TB HD's: HD #1 for OS Lion and all apps, HD #2 for Time Machine backup of HD #1, HD #3 for Windows 7 Ultimate and all programs thru Boot Camp, HD #4 for backups of HD #3 thru Acronis and Second Copy synchronization software. I am getting a Mac Pro mid 2010 with (1) 2.4GHz standard configuraion and am going to up the memory to 16GB. The main reason I am doing this is because my mid 2010 Macbook Pro has been a disaster. Thank God for AppleCare! I've had it in for repair 5 times already. Three logic boards later, it has been alright for 4 months now. Wow! When it goes down, so does my business. Therfore the Mac Pro. I'll keep em in sync with Chronosync. The heaviest thing I will be running is Photoshop CS4 for Mac. I use Windows basically to run Quickbooks, because the Mac version is a poor excuse for Quickbooks. I also have to run my electrical estimating software through Windows also because nobody makes estimating software for Mac. I may do some gaming through Windows also. I think this should be a pretty good system, your opinion would be welcome. Thank you for your help.

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    Acronis does not play well with Macs. It might on a dedicated Windows drive, but I know and use Paragon Hard Disk MGR 12 $49 and also their $20 Clone OS to HDD (makes a bootable clone so you can use either disk but it is 'whole disk" OS only.


    I'd get the 4-core 2.8, and not a 2.4GHz 2.4 is not standard, it might be in 8-core or something.


    People are upgrading cpu to W3680 $589 DIY


    RAM: 2 x 8GB with room to grow. The sweet spot for CS5.5 is to have 24GB RAM to play with so depending.... 4 x 8GB would still be possible later. And CS5/6 under Windows for some... and ability to use GTX 680 or even 580.


    CS4 is not a good idea but then I have not seen anyone - it is 10.5 era version and CS5.x is now Cocoa code base plus 64-bit - that helps a lot.


    www.macperformanceguide.com has a lot to offer in ideas.


    Know that your Mac Pro can run those Windows apps in a VM like VirtualBox without breaking a sweat too.


    I'd get it stock and then add an SSD or two as you can afford to.

    OWC has SSD on PCIe $500 for 1TB.

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    Your right, I forgot about Acronis and Mac's. I will look into paragon. My mistake, the processor is 2.8GHz. I will be keeping CS4 for now. May take your advice on (2) x 8GB ram though. Thank you.

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    might even want to look at this $2119




    Last week for 'an hour' there was an 6-core 3.33 for $3195 too

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    Thanks, already had my eye on that one. Not ready to make the purchsae right now. I'm also kind of leary about "refurbished". What was wrong with it in the first place?:) MacMall has them brand new for $2298.00 free shipping. Do you have any thoughts on refurbished?