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    Hurray!  Apple must have listened.  Using iOS 6, I can now transfer .MOV files to my iPad 2 via iTunes 10.7, and they play.


    I tried to watch a streaming video at a website and the iPad downloaded the .FLV file into memory.  Safari now has the "Open In" option, so I chose GoodReader.  Of course it would not play there, but I was able to transfer it to my computer using iTunes.


    Selecting the iPad in iTunes, and clicking on Apps at the top of the window, I scrolled down to the File Sharing window, clicked on GoodReader and found the downloaded .FLV file.  I dragged it to the desktop and was able to play it in QuickTime Player.  Then I chose Export under the QuickTime Player File menu, l selected the iPod touch & iPhone 3GS Format, and the .FLV was exported as an .MOV file.


    Dragging the .MOV file to the iTunes Movies window, I was able to sync the .MOV file to the iPad and play it there.


    This is a round-about way to play .FLV files, but it represents progress!



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    Steve S,

    do you know how to get the avi file back off the iPad?   I used a SD card , reader to get it on from a camera, then deleted the avi file from my camera.  Now e only copy is stuck on the iPad.  I tried going through you tube but it reduces the quality and gives the file back in quick time , not avi....

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    I have a movie in an .M4V format in my Photos App.  I do not recall, but may have used the Camera Connection Kit to get it there.  When I select it and click the option arrow in the upper right corner, I see choices of Mail and YouTube.  If you get the same choices, you should be able to mail it to yourself unless the video is too long for the Mail App to handle.


    Another option may be to connect the iPad to your computer and run whatever graphics program you would use to transfer photos from the iPad to the computer.  For example, I tried it with GraphicConverter on a Macintosh.  The .M4V appeared among the photos, and I was able to drag-copy it to the computer's desktop.



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    So, now that it's 2014, I hope all new updates in ITunes will make it possible for me to sync AVI home movies.  I am still trying to figure out how to transfer home movies from my computer to the ipad through itunes.   Downloaded "Handbrake", but havn't been able to use it.  Thinking about downloading quicktime.  Updated itunes.


    Sounds like I have to convert my videos.


    I had to sign-in, just to be able to "like" and thank helper for all the great info.


    I have hope that in the near future I will accomplish this task.  There is some comfort in knowing that other new ipad users have been down this road.


    going on to read more up to date help


    Do I learn how to use Handbrake, download Quick Time,. buy a camera connection kit (No), figure out how to convert in ITunes, ............

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