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Fruitless web searches and unsuccessful configurations so far for my situation. I hope someone can help!


What I want is:

*Internet (ethernet is ok and currently working) on my mac pro

*wireless internet on my ipad (on ios5)

*ability to play music through both ipad (wireless) and mac pro (wired) and my home hifi


What I have:

*mac pro 3.1 (around 2008-9 *no wireless card installed*)

*OS 10.6.8

*new ipad 2 with ios5

*airport express g (2008/9)

*Fibre Cable internet connection

*small flat (distance not so much an issue as streaming, etc)


What I have tried so far:

*this approach, using both ethernet ports on the mac pro and internet sharing via "bridge mode" :


*using airtunes from ipad (dropped out)

*Internet connection will not stay with ipad through the airport express


I am considering getting a new wireless router with extra ethernet ports but not sure which one is best to buy


Please can someone advise me on the best set up to achieve my goals?