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After purchasing my iPad 3, I am finding that no one app has everything I need for digital note taking.


A core requirement is handwriting recognition. I am really tired of having to transpose notes taken in meetings to electronic content.   So for me, this is a core requirement. 


Since this capability is not native to iPad, I consulted many co-workers and was pointed toward 7 Notes HD. Haven't found anything else that works as well for strictly handwriting recognition, but it's lacking in the areas of organization and capture of non-text based notes. 


Have downloaded Evernote and Notability. They both meet the need for note taking and non-text notes, but lack the handwriting recognition. 


What I think I'm looking for is something like 7 Notes HD, but with the organization capability of Evernote. I know there is a connector for the two, but I'm hesitant to buy something else without more info.


This post is intended to solicit feedback from others about how they are managing notes digitally. Thanks in advance for anything anyone can share!

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1